Polarteknik Enhances After Sales services within United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Polarteknik Oy, based in Finland, provides door systems, partition walls and components for leading railway OEM manufacturers such as Hitachi, Siemens, Alstom, CAF, Talgo and Stadler. Today Polarteknik is a European market leader in interior automatic and fire door systems.

Having served the UK market from the early 1990`s Polarteknik has thousands of interior door systems installed across the UK and continues to deliver high quality products in new builds.

The benefits Polarteknik door systems offer is sustainability, robust design, reliability, low life cycle cost and easy maintainability. We have some exciting news that further improves our ability to support our customers not only with parts but also labour relating to training, fault finding, adjustments, maintenance, fleet checks, retrofits, overhauls, and refurbishment.

In January 2020 Polarteknik Oy acquired the business and assets of Train Door Solutions Ltd. Train Door Solutions is a UK company specialising in servicing pneumatic and electrical door systems. The company, from its registered office in Milton Keynes, provides its services for leading train service companies, train operating companies, fleet owners and OEM manufacturers.

Through us, you have both local presence and decades of accumulated experience, vision and a pool of solutions at your disposal. Polarteknik TDS offers precision service to take your fleet further.

TDS is a specialist company for pneumatic and electrical passenger door system manufacture, service, maintenance, refurbishment and beyond. Our comprehensive service offering covers installation and commissioning, post-mounting inspections and other testing, regular maintenance and overhauls, training services as well as retrofits, customer support and other aftersales services.

Polarteknik promotes comprehensive comfort and ecology in railway transport. We are the UK’s leading independent supplier to the UK rail industry in our field. Our unrivalled advantage comes from a combination of wide-ranging knowledge, in-depth expertise and long-term commitment. Through us, you have both local presence and decades of accumulated experience, vision and a pool of solutions at your disposal. Our UK references include but are not limited to ALL the Hitachi trains in operation, ALL the CAF trains in operation, ALL the Bombardier (now Alstom) Turbostar and Electrostar trains still in operation. 

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