Exciting news from Lantech Communications Global!

Introducing "AUTO FEED," a new feature designed to streamline the process of replacing Ethernet switches.

Discover the innovative Auto-Feed Configuration feature that revolutionizes network switch maintenance. In this video, we showcase how this feature streamlines the process, ensuring that new and replacement switches automatically receive the correct configuration without manual intervention.

This groundbreaking solution offers numerous benefits including reduced maintenance time, consistency across your network, scalability, and minimal downtime during replacements.

🔹 Key Features: – Automated switch configuration for RJ45 and M12 models – Periodic communication and backup between switches – Seamless integration and operation with minimal downtime

🔹 Benefits: – Efficiency: Save time and reduce manual effort – Consistency: Maintain uniform configurations – Scalability: Easily expand your network – Flexibility: Support diverse network maintenance – Reliability: Enhance network performance and minimize downtime Upgrade your network today with our Auto-Feed enabled switches and experience the future of network maintenance. For more information, visit our website or contact us today.