Finally....our Robot has arrived!


DRB Group continue to forge ahead with investing in technology for the future

With our SMX 3100 installed, we are ecstatic to finally take delivery of our additional investment of a robot module, for this machine.

Once installed, the robot module will automatically pick up a component from the loading platform, which is located in front of the SMX 3100 CNC mill-turn machine and place into the chuck of the machine. The appropriate machining programme will then begin. After the various machining operations are complete, the robot will remove the component from the chuck and place on the exit loading platform. 

The SMX 3100 is a CNC mill-turn machine, which integrates the capabilities of a vertical machining centre and horizontal turning centre into one platform, offering significant automation capabilities.

The combination of the SMX 3100 and robot will lead to producing more complex components, reduced operator labour time and increased production efficiency. These benefits along with the ability to further monitor and plan production scheduling, will provide greater efficiencies for us as a business that will benefit our customers moving forward.

Meeting the constant operational challenges our customers face

Within the last three months, DRB has taken delivery of two new machines: the SMX 3100 CNC mill-turn machine, the VM750 CNC mill machine and now the robot for the SMX 3100. This enhances the capabilities of DRB and keeps us at the forefront of machining technology. It gives us greater flexibility and enables us to continue to grow in the complexity of machining projects we currently do and can take on in the future.

We know that any downtime of a production line is costly to a business.

With the engineering expertise we have in-house and the advanced machining capabilities we have invested in, we will continue to collaboratively work with our customers to constantly improve components and operational systems to develop component and system efficiencies, to pro-long component life, reduce obsolescence and downtime.

The natural progression of DRB Group to meet the needs of its’ customers.

Our continued investment will enable us to be more agile to react to our customer’s requirements and offer more complex engineering solutions that will provide operational efficiencies.  

If you would like to discuss our capabilities further to assist your operations, contact us now:

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Our new robot for our SMX 3100 CNC mill-turn machine

Robot in place and currently being installed