PROVERTHA launches 5 new products at RSN 2024 M12 adaptors - Panel mount push fit - Panel feed through adaptors - Conduit fittings for M12s

Provertha are a German based company with four manufacturing facilities in Hungary. We design and manufacture a full range of high-quality rail approved connecters and accessories. M12 (A, B, D & X-codes) field assembled connecters – D-sub connecters and hood systems – distribution/splitter boxes (die cast).

See Provertha on stand M7 at RSN 2024
4 July Derby

In railway engineering, it is very important that the cables and lines are routed safely and reliably through the walls and ceilings to ensure efficient and safe signalling and communication. Panel feed-throughs are an important part for achieving this. Without panel feed-throughs, cables can be routed through holes or slits in the panels, but this can lead to various problems. For example, the cables can be damaged if they are pulled through holes with sharp edges. Holes or slits in panels are often visually unacceptable. They also affect the air-conditioning and impair energy efficiency.

We offer a comprehensive M12 product portfolio specifically for railway technology, which has now been expanded to include a compact panel feed-through adapter for modern CCTV cameras. We have found that for the connections of these cameras, M12 panel feed-throughs can offer many advantages in terms of design and installation. Thanks to the new plug-and-play adapter solution, the cameras can now be networked on a control cabinet wall, enclosure wall or panel within seconds. This greatly simplifies installation and cabling in railway and industrial applications.