TBAT Innovation, Exhibitors at RSN 2020 – Provide Expertise for Rail Funding Opportunity

SBRI Rail Demonstrations: First of a Kind 2020

Opening Date: 13th January 2020

Closing Date: 11th March 2020

Innovate UK and the Department for Transport (DfT) have released another round of First of a Kind funding for the Rail Industry.

There’s £9.4 million available to fund projects demonstrating how proven technologies can be integrated into a railway environment for the first time. This is to encourage innovation in the rail industry through the use of novel technologies and innovative uses of data, helping innovative suppliers take the final step to market readiness.

It’s expected that the funding will support projects in all 4 defined themes, with project costs between £100,000 and £400,000 and 100% of project costs funded.

The 4 themed areas make it possible for businesses to focus directly on what Innovate UK are looking to support – just some of the technologies they’re interested in are:

Theme 1: environmental sustainability

This can include:

  • low-carbon freight
  • energy generation and storage solutions
  • low emission self-powered vehicles
  • sustainable non-traction energy solutions for stations and depots
  • improved air quality in enclosed spaces
  • sustainable and recyclable materials that reduce the whole-life carbon footprint
  • reduction of noise from diesel engines and wheels

Theme 2: customer experience

This can include:

  • improved access from stations to trains, considering the platform or train interface
  • optimising overall journey time within the railway environment, for example station access, parking facilities or ticket machines and interchange with other transport modes
  • improved travel accessibility for visible and non-visible disabilities
  • access to information for those without modern technology devices such as smart phones
  • good quality and predictable on-board and station connectivity
  • cost-effective and easy to implement improvements to passenger comfort on-board trains
  • analysing large volumes of customer feedback to drive improvements

Theme 3: optimised railway operations

This can include:

  • improved dwell time at stations
  • optimised freight planning
  • improved disruption recovery
  • timely and accurate information for front-line staff
  • technology to improve responses in the case of system failure
  • reduction of minor operational issues which can escalate into significant disruption
  • real-time decision-making assistance
  • using robotics to improve safety and security on the railway

Theme 4: optimised and cost-effective maintenance

This can include:

  • use of automation and robotics for maintenance and inspection decision-making or tasks
  • automated cleaning of railway assets, for example stations, trains or car parks
  • enabling on-site or local maintenance to rolling stock, rather than having to return to maintenance depots for faults arising during service
  • use of pattern-recognition technologies to automate inspections
  • improved reporting of failures and/or issues


You can find more details on the competition scope and eligibility here on our website.

At TBAT, we work with innovative businesses involved in rail infrastructure, helping them access funding for their research and development and have done for over 17 years. We have expert Consultants that have worked for large rail enterprises in previous roles, gaining first-hand experience on cutting-edge projects that have influenced the way the rail industry is currently operated.

Our technological background and expertise in the industry and the R&D grant funding landscape makes us the perfect match to help your business access the funding needed to develop the next big thing in rail!

Get in touch with us today to secure our expertise in identifying if this competition is suitable for your project and writing and reviewing your application.

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