TBAT Innovation announce £5.5 million from Innovate UK for Innovation in Rail

TBAT Innovation are exhibitors at Rolling Stock Networking on 11th July 2019 at the Derby Arena (Velodrome).

TBAT Innovation offer a 360-degree approach to innovative funding, helping companies access funding for their R&D projects.

R&D Grant Funding for the rail industry in recent times has been scarce, but luckily for us all, a competition is due to open this month!

The 3rd round of Innovate UK’s SBRI – First of a Kind for Rail competition, due to open for applications on 25th February, is seeking innovative demonstrator projects to show how proven technologies could be integrated into a railway environment, helping suppliers take the final step to market readiness.

Innovate UK expect to support up to 16 projects over 4 themed areas, with project costs between £250,000-£350,000 and 100% of project costs funded.

The 4 themed areas make it possible for businesses to focus directly on what Innovate UK are looking to support – just some of the technologies they are interested in are:

Infrastructure resilience

  • Protection against adverse environmental conditions
  • Reliable and high integrity switches and crossings
  • Robotics e.g. automating inspection and maintenance activities
  • Technologies to prevent incident or near-miss e.g. at level crossings or bridge strikes

Operational resilience

  • Vehicle to vehicle communication technologies
  • Dynamic timetables, including automatic rescheduling
  • Decision making supported by artificial intelligence
  • Technologies to reduce track circuit malfunction


  • Improved routing and tracking capabilities
  • Noise impact of freight trains
  • Next generation logistics
  • Innovation that may support future autonomous freight trains
  • Reduction of end-to-end freight journey times

Noise and Environment

  • Innovations to mitigate engine noise
  • Reduction of noise from the overall railway system
  • Environment in and around stations and depots
  • Waste management
  • Wildlife management and ecology

This is by no means an exhaustive list – you can find more details on the competition scope and eligibility here on our website.

Here at TBAT, we work with innovative businesses involved in rail infrastructure, helping them access funding for their research and development and have done for over 15 years. We have expert consultants that have worked for large rail enterprises in previous roles, gaining first-hand experience on cutting-edge projects that have influenced the way the rail industry is currently operated.

Our technological background and expertise in the industry and the R&D grant funding landscape makes us the perfect match to help your business access the funding needed to develop the next big thing in rail!

Get in touch with us today to secure our expertise in identifying if this competition is suitable for your project and writing and reviewing your application.

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