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RSN 2020 Exhibitor – Silver Fox – Announce Label Printing Software Upgrade

We are delighted to confirm that Monday, January 13th marked the release of the new and very much improved Labacus® Innovator software version


Silver Fox’s MD Nick Michaelson said….

“The Silver Fox development team have been very busy here.

Perhaps, the one of the most interesting and important developments is “Roll Back” which forms part of our Fox-in-a-Box® thermal printer solution.

Lots of our users have requested this functionality. And here it is, in release 5.1!

Basically, having printed your labels, they feed out from the printer, allowing you to quickly and easily remove them.

Of course, to do this, blank labels feed out behind the printed labels. The clever bit, is that this blank labels “roll back” into the printer, allowing them to be printed in the next print run.

Simple really!

Is it backwardly compatible? Will it work with the printers already supplied to our users?


No wasted labels between print runs, saves our users money.

Reducing label waste also has environmental benefits. So this functionality has been made available for all levels of Fox-in-a-Box®. Basic/Advanced/Professional.”


So, what’s in it for you?


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