See FISA at Rail Show RSN 2021 on 30 Sept – Derby UK

Compliance and Comfort, an Indissoluble Combination for FISA

FISA are Exhibitors at Rolling Stock Networking in Derby on 30 Sept 2021 in Derby.

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FISA has always focused on finding the right balance between two fundamental characteristics for its seats: compliance with the required conformity and the greatest possible comfort.

Not uncomfortable seats like ironing boards, but comfortable seats suitable for giving life to the best travel experience and at the same time meeting the increasingly stringent regulations of the railway industry.



The unique safety requirements of the UK in respect of crashworthiness and fire, has motivated FISA to carry out and successfully pass the testing process based on GM/RT2100 and GM/RT2130 standards on its already proven passenger seat series.
With an order book that is constantly growing, FISA is now the alternative passenger and driver seat supplier dedicated to the UK market.



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