RSN exhibitor Kilfrost provides solutions for extreme weather

Kilfrost, who will be exhibiting at Rolling Stock Networking, has been keeping the rail industry moving through the harsh winter.

As temperatures plummeted and snow alerts went out almost daily, the Kilfrost team has been busy servicing global rail networks with its specialist de-icing and anti-icing solutions for rolling stock including brake callipers, pneumatic systems, pantographs, step boards, handles and handrails, windscreens and doors.

It’s been impossible to ignore the media stories of the extreme weather – especially news from the USA where officials in Chicago have used flames from gas heaters to melt the snow and ice on the rails in temperatures as low as -30C . But innovation when it comes to freezing temperatures can be seen a lot closer to home!

Kilfrost’s founder Joseph Halbert pioneered the very first de-icing product in the 1930s, and the company has been at the forefront of innovation ever seen, expanding into new markets and becoming a truly global force before the turn of the century. Product launches, experimental new technology and an expansion across sectors have helped them to cement their place at the very top of the industry.

Having initially launched in the aviation sector, the team used its expertise to expand into the heat transfer fluids market, ground sector, and of course railways. The company is an approved supplier for Network Rail for electrified third rail products, as well as having a range of solutions for track and ground.

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