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T and R Test Equipment DMO200T and R Test Equipment 200ADM-P
DMO200 High Current Micro-Ohmmeter200ADM-P Secondary Current Injection Test Set
Automatically maintains desired output currentFlexible & capable of supplying currents up to 200A AC into a variety of loads
Rail ApplicationRail Application
Used to look at any current carrying conductor where low resistance needs to be assured.
This would include cable terminations, hook link switches and at the circuit breaker heads.Auto testing and test issue warning1-200A output adjustable whilst output is on100A continuous currentUSB data storage – No special software needed (CSV file format)Full colour displayProgramable settings with user set test limits90-246V universal supply voltageLightweight just 6.9KgView DMO200 rail-related application in more detail.
Testing of various relays and protection systems as well as the smaller circuit breaker testing.0-200A main output currentTrue RMS metering with 1 cycle captureAux metering channel2nd Aux output channel 0-10A or 0-2060V AC with phase shift3rd Aux DC channel 12-220VCurrent limit mode on main channel for fine controlData storage via USB as well as data input via USB keyboardAuto mains voltage selectionClick to view the 200ADM-P rail-related application in more detail. 
T and R Test Equipment PT30-10T & R Test Equipment Kv30-40D and Kv5-100 High Voltage AC Test Systems
PT30-10 High Voltage DC Cable Test SystemsKv30-40D and Kv5-100 High Voltage AC Test System
Comes complete with discharge probeTest insulation systems & the measurement of breakdown voltage
Rail ApplicationRail Application
The PT 30-10 is a 30KV DC Pressure Test Set used in the commissioning of cables being widely used by the rail specialist commissioning engineers installing cables.+/- 30 Kv DC10mA output current availableMetering of both V and I for + and – outputAuto mains selectionZero V interlockView PT30-10 rail-related application in more detail.These AC Flash Test Sets are used initially in the commissioning of substations and plant as AC pressure testing equipment before becoming utilised in ongoing maintenance schedules. The unit is a 30kV AC voltage source, offering up to 40mA making it ideally suited to perform pressure tests on both fixed plant and control panels.Auto mains selectionKey operated supply switch – prevents unauthorised useDual overload protectionZero-Volt interlockExternal 24VDC interlock circuitVisual indication of test piece failure
T&R Test Equipment Z-OVR Cable Impedance Test System750ADM and PCU1 Primary Current Injection Sets
Z-OVR Cable Impedance Test System750ADM & PCU1-SP Primary Current Injection System
3 voltage outputs & measures long line distancesDesigned for testing devices used for power system protection
Rail ApplicationRail Application
This unit is being used on rail catenary to ascertain the condition of the catenary using impedance measurement, over time the condition of the catenary will deteriorate and as that happens the impedance will rise.750ADM and the PCU1-SP are both Primary Injection Test sets, these are being used to determine that the CB and associated equipment will trip upon current fault conditions by injection of trip level current upon the protection system ensuring it operates as it should providing the protection as required.
T&R Test Equipment TPT900T & R Test Equipment HVD Kits
TPT9000 Transformer Polarity TesterHVD03/2D High Voltage Detector
Fast polarity testing of both voltage and current transformersDetermines if the catenary 25kV circuit is live or dead
Rail ApplicationRail Application
The TPT9000 is a small easy to use CT and VT polarity test set being used by commissioning engineers upon the railways.A dedicated 25kV Overhead Line (Catenary) Tester used to determine if the catenary 25kV circuit is live or dead. The set comes with a proving unit. The HVD03/2D is NR approved but must be used in line with the work instructions for that product. 
T&R Test Equipment Live Line TesterT & R Test Equipment Live Line Tester Kits
Live Line IndicatorLive Line Tester Kits
Determine if an item under test is live or notDead testing / phasing / voltage level confirmation
Rail ApplicationRail Application
The LLI can be supplied as the 750, 1500 and 3000V Dc versions, all of which ae approved for use upon the Network Rail systems. The unit is designed to be  touch live unit and determines if the item under test is live or not.The Live Line Tester is a full kit, there are different versions 3.3, 6.6, 11 and 33KV versions. The kit can be used for Dead testing, Phasing as well as voltage level confirmation.


These High Current Low Ohmmeters are used in the test and measurement of any current carrying conductor where low resistance needs to be assured – this includes the following applications: Cable Terminations, Hook Link Switches and Circuit Breaker Heads.  The DMO200 will supply 200A at 5V DC.  DMO200 has been used to measure the connection of the Track Hook Switches ensuing they have a good connection.  If the connection is NOT good, then there will be excess resistance and as a result will overheat; so it is imperative that the resistance is a low value and that’s where the DMO200 has proved to be invaluable.

The unit is attached across the Hook Switch Joint with the current initiated at a low Amp setting before slowly ramping up using the control knob.  This allows the engineer to see at what value it becomes stable.  This information together with the obtained resistance values allows for greater analysis (than just obtaining absolute resistance values).

The ability of slowly ramping up the current setting is a unique feature of the DMO200 (not included on other Low Ohm Meters).

The unit has the ability to output direct current the engineers to check trip settings on DC Current Breakers.  This aspect has recently been utilised by Network Rail engineers in the South East with the unit proving itself a trusted tester in an application where the electrification of the 3rd rail is 750V DC.


The 200ADM-P is a Secondary Injection Test Set with added features…

In addition to the main output (200A @ 10V AC) it has a second auxiliary channel (0-260V AC OR 0-10A AC), this means in addition to performing tests on current relays, the unit can also test relays where a second source of AC current or voltage is needed, such as current differential or directional relays.

In recent years the rail network’s electrical systems have been going through an upgrade and as a result more sophisticated relays are being utilised. A tester now needs to offer more than just current; whilst there are digital relay testers available, they offer limited power per channel (typically 30-50VA). These are designed for the modern digital relay and do not cater for older mechanical-operated relays… as these require extra power. The 200ADM-P is designed to output 2000VA from the main channel!

This unit has proven itself as an allrounder, able to test both single-phase digital and older electromechanical relays making it perfect for railway electrical engineering.


The PT30-10 is a 30KV DC Pressure Test Set used in the commissioning of cables; this unit is being widely utilised by rail-specialist, commissioning engineers who install cables. Upon cable installation cables need to be tested to ensure they have not suffered damaged during transit or installation. The unit is a DC test set offering 0 to ±30KV permitting two-core testing to either ground or to another core simultaneously. This allows for a more efficient commissioning process.

T and R Test Equipment Rail ApplicationT and R Test Equipment Rail Application

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