RSN 2021 Exhibitor – Tufcoat Shrink Wrap for Rolling Stock and Components

Tufcoat shrink-wrap creates a strong and durable cover keeping trains, equipment and assets protected during transport and storage.

We manufacture our products in a range of roll sizes up to 14 m wide so even the largest asset can be safely covered in a single sheet.


Tufcoat shrink-wrap creates a cover which has a ‘drum tight’ fit and produces a tear-resistant covering over any shape. A shrink-wrap cover overcomes the disadvantages of conventional PVC covers that can detach and fail damage during transport or extreme weather and can be recycled after its use.  See the video below to view the process of Wrap to Site !!

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Visit Tufcoat – Weather protection & Environmental Containment at Rolling Stock Networking on 31st Sept in Derby UK.