RSN 2020 Exhibitor – First Class Safety and Control Ltd – Install Depot Control System at Siemens Traincare in Ardwick Manchester

Our team have successfully commissioned a turnkey Depot Control System, at the Siemens Traincare Facility located in Ardwick, Manchester.

The system is designed to control depot movements on the 4 new sidings installed by our client, C Spencer, in conjunction with Kilburn Consulting.

This is a great example of the collaborative approach we take with all of our projects. We aim to deliver the end user a tailored system to meet their needs, rather than an “off-the-shelf” standard system. Where safety is concerned, design and adaptability are key features of your chosen system, and supplier.

Our Depot Control Systems are a cost-effective alternative to the Locally Operated Points System  (LOPS) or depot points Control Systems. Using proven Aspects, Route Indicators,Points Machines, train detection methods and SIL2 rated PLC hardware/software we will develop a scheme, working with approved signalling contractors, to suit any depot.

Typical DCS Interfaces:

  • SCADA with flexible operator design
  • Depot protection interlocking
  • Points interlocking
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Route Indicators
  • NR Interlocking
  • RFID Authorisation for points operation or any other safety critical operations
  • 3P Signalling interface

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