Rolling Stock Networking – Early Bird Offer £600 3x4m Carpeted

Rolling Stock Networking 11th July 2019 at Derby Arena (Velodrome) will build upon the popularity of the highly successful infrastructure event and the RIN brand.

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The Event will provide wider and complementary cross sector exposure for companies large and small, operating in the Traction and Rolling Stock market. The exhibitor price is set at an exceptionally low level to reflect the organisers continued aim to promote the growth of those participating in all areas of the Rail market.

The show does not have a significant profit motive, given this stand sale price is currently just £600.  This encourages the engagement of SME’ Entrepreneurs, Micro Companies & Academic Organisations.  The show is also drawing in major international companies.

Refreshingly the event is already shaping up to be something quite different and whilst regular suppliers into the industry are booked, there is a substantial and growing number of companies that we have never seen before on the exhibition circuit.  These companies offer new products, depot equipment, higher technology consultancy and innovative technologies that vehicle owners, operators and new builders may well find of value.  

Both the Rail Industry Association and Rail Forum Midlands are exhibiting, adding the support of the trade associations in their role as a collaborative bridge to the industry.

If you would consider taking space. CLICK HERE We are particularly keen to attract New Builders, Owners, Operators, Educational Organisations and Heavy Maintainers to the event to participate actively.

Importantly we are eager to ensure that the low price is not seen by larger companies to indicate that this is a small or under-managed event, a substantial and experienced team is administering the show for the organiser.  We intend to deliver the quality of event normally provided by much higher profile and perhaps more costly events.

Sponsorship of the event is not expensive starting at just £750 these packages are aimed at larger companies that would like to lend their support whilst obtaining significant exposure through our marketing of the event.

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