Rail Alliance and BCRRE to Provide Insight into the Rail Sector’s Procurement Challenges at RSN

At Rolling Stock Networking, Rail Alliance and BCRRE will outline their combined capability for identifying, accelerating and connecting innovation, by providing informative sessions throughout the day.  The presentations are expected to provide knowledge and insight regarding the rail sector’s procurement challenges.

The University of Birmingham’s Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) has close relationships with the rail industry, ensuring that research and teaching draws on real-world situations. This includes forging strong relationships with SMEs for the benefit of the railway supply chain.  The Rail Alliance is a B2B networking organisation that brings customers, suppliers and supply chain opportunities together. It is a membership organisation that sits at the very heart of the rail supply chain.

The Rail Alliance and BCRRE have recently signed an MOU bringing together the capabilities, competences and facilities of both organisations to provide a wealth of services to the Rail Industry.  The news has an added benefit for Rail Alliance members that not only gain value and benefits from membership as it stands today, but in addition opens the opportunity to gain direct access to leading-edge rail research resources and education, with the option to further utilise test and trial facilities at Quinton Rail Technology Centre.

The Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) is the largest university based centre for railway research and education in Europe, with more than 145 researchers and staff developing world-leading new technologies and products for trains, railway systems and infrastructure alongside renowned global higher education programmes. These two focal points of world-class education and research in all aspects of rail technology will deliver more reliable and efficient railway systems across the UK and beyond.