Get on track with customised rail solutions from HARTING

With specialisms including cable assemblies, box builds and inter-car jumpers, HARTING design and produce custom solutions for the rail market. All customised products are built and tested at their fully IRIS-certified manufacturing facility in Northampton and are based on market-leading connectors from the extensive HARTING range.

Inter-car jumpers run connections between train carriages, including roof or underfloor systems, ensuring a reliable supply of data, signals, and power along the train. The Han-Modular® range allows you to create a versatile solution by combining individual inserts for different transmission media into standard-sized industrial connector housings. The series offers over a hundred different inserts, enabling a wide range of customisable options.

For example, to meet increased demand, rail vehicles need powerful network and data interfaces. The Han® Gigabit module enables Cat. 7A transmission in the inter-vehicle area and delivers higher frequency bandwidth for the flow of data. The interface is also shock and vibration resistant according to EN 61373.

For the connection of WLAN equipment, X-coded M12 PushPull connectors enclosed in a box build are the ideal solution. As space for fitting components becomes increasingly scarce in rail vehicles, the M12 PushPull offers handling and time benefits, thanks to its tool-free connection technique.

No matter what the degree of complexity, HARTING have the capacity to produce project-specific assemblies to suit your needs, including installing components, routing cable harnesses and fabrication. Their design team can also create a 3D CAD visualisation of your build to ensure absolute accuracy before manufacturing begins.

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