RSN 2020 – Exhibitor CoMech offer MiniProf to Accurately Measure the True Profiles of Rail Wheels, Rails & Brakes

The Derby-based calibration company have completed their first year of the highly successful MiniProf UK and Ireland agency. The agency involves CoMech securing responsibility for the sales, calibration and maintenance of Denmark-based Greenwood Engineering’s MiniProf instruments.


These units are used to accurately measure the true profiles of wheels, rails, brakes and more for rail companies around the world. This is achieved with a knife-shaped full contact point, which has been specifically engineered to cut through layers of dirt, grease, frost and other environmental influences to then directly measure the profile below. The contact point minimises the environmental influences. The fully direct contact point ensures the performance accuracy will always fall between 9 and 11 microns.


All the instruments within the CoMech family come equipped with a magnetic measuring when and two rotating optical encoders, which all work together to make sure the measurements are perpendicular to the surface of the profile.


The MiniProf instruments play a vital role within rail depots and out on the railway, as the Bluetooth connectivity enables users to take the required profile measurements from a safe distance with an Android-enabled device.


We are extremely proud to have been selected to support the MiniProf operations within the UK and Ireland. This is an exciting project for all the staff at CoMech, as the team have thoroughly enjoyed learning about and working with the MiniProf range. The decision to choose CoMech not only endorses our position within the rail industry, but also shows confidence in our ability to deliver a world-class service for an increasingly recognised global brand.


CoMech Metrology can supply a choice of MiniProf instruments, alongside the associated calibrations, repairs and maintenance within our dedicated laboratory on site.


More information and quotations can be obtained from our dedicated team who will be more than happy to help. Get in touch by emailing or telephone 01332 867700.