Charcroft – Exhibitors at Rolling Stock Networking Introduce 100w Switching Power Supplies

MTM Power® introduce 100 W Switching Power Supplies

for Industrial Applications

  • Charcroft fully franchised for MTM Power full product range
  • New generation of AC/DC modules extends the MTM Power range of power supplies for industrial applications
  • Includes MTM Power’s vacuum encapsulated technology

Charcroft Electronics’ franchised partner MTM Power® introduce the PCMAT100 S24, a new generation of AC/DC modules which can be installed as a decentralised power supply for industrial applications. This addition enables Charcroft to offer a more complete solution for its industrial customers.

As industrial compact power supply with wide input range, the 100 W module is designed for direct connection to the main power supply network and certified in accordance to DIN EN 62 368-1 / UL 62 368. The design of the insulation coordination to the requirements of the overvoltage category OV3 allows the use in applications with transients, such as the electric engineering.

With appropriate thermal connection and contact cooling via the base plate, a 24 VDC constant voltage is generated in the working temperature range of -40 … + 70 ° C. Due to the rugged design in BPC technology, the thermal losses are dissipated specifically via the mounting plate while increasing the life-time of the devices at the same time. The circuit concept used is easily modifiable, so that further output voltages are relatively easy to realise if required.

The PCMAT100 has an efficiency of 90% and is resistant against shock and vibration due to the well-proven encapsulation technology and its extremely rugged design. The vacuum encapsulated (EP 1 987 708, U.S. Patent No. 8,821,778 B2) power supplies offer reliable protection against condensation, conductive dust and other environmental conditions. They are connected via industrial connectors which meet the demands concerning vibration resistance, reduced wiring time and being maintenance-free and thus the use as a plug-and-play solution in sensitive electronic sub-systems is possible.

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About Charcroft

Charcroft Electronics is a privately-owned specialist distributor and manufacturer of electronic components for harsh and high-end applications. The distribution linecard is focussed on passive, interconnect, electromechanical and optoelectronic components as well as power supplies and rugged semiconductors.

At its UK-based, BS- and CECC-approved production facility Charcroft manufactures custom passive assemblies, audio and precision foil resistors in addition to silver mica and legacy ceramic capacitors. This facility is a VPG-approved Precision Centre for Bulk Metal® Foil resistors and offers taping and reeling, in addition to Precision Express® manufacturing for prototype and pre-production quantities. Charcroft is certified to AS 9120 and approved to BS9000, IECQCECC and BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and has over 40 years of experience as an Approved Supplier to major OEMs and CEMs in the industrial, defence and other high-end sectors.